Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mt. Vernon

Mt. Vernon-
Classic home of George Washington. Of all the places we visited last weekend, this made the largest impression on me.
Larissa, Jesse, Josh, Heidi and I took a 'Lusko Class Trip' to the nation's capitol. We saw the Pentagon wall attacked on 9/11, toured the
Capitol, visited Lincoln at night, and toured several Smithsonian's. But, the largest impression, just as when I was 12, was made by a visit to
Mt. Vernon.  The museum's were nice, but reminded me of Hard Rock Cafe's, instead of Michael Jackson's coat, we saw General Custer's.
But Mount Vernon!  So personal, seeing where George Washington, lived and died. I saw the bedroom that Lafayette stayed in, the room that
Washington discussed strategy for surprising the British. It was so intimate, the spirit of George Washington remained. And yes, we saw the slave quarters
of the 300 slaves he kept. George knew better, and freed the slaves he could, he didn't do everything, but he did something.  Touring the White House is terrific,
but seeing Mt. Vernon brought me back to my first visit at 12 years. Glad I could take Jesse and Josh before they graduate. I've pulled a Washington bio off the shelf that
I've meant to read. I surely will now.

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