Friday, February 8, 2008

Fragile Flesh-Stupid Flesh

Just a few days of 'not feeling good' really tells me how weak and dependant I am on my body. This is a problem
Because my flesh is stupid. It wants things that will kill it. That is just not productive.
I guess it is good to be sick every once in a while. When I am out for a few days, it becomes hard to remember what
feeling good is like. Even though 99% of my days have been healthy, I am not very good at suffering.
Another reality check, sooner or later, my body is sure to betray me. I pretend I can beat the odds, because I can prolong the inevitable, but, overcome them? No. That's the way of all flesh. Stupid flesh, was a comment by Dr. John MacArthur today, very insightful.
He told the story of two men who preached with his dad 30 years ago. One is reprobate, one died an alcoholic, only Johns dad stood to the end.

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