Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why Moderate Muslims Might Not Matter

It is a thin but common argument to contend that radical Islam does not represent the kind Muslim next door. Granted. Most Muslims wish the world peace, but many also want us in pieces. As Rick Santorum wisely observes, "All Muslim are not jihadists, but all jihadists are Muslims."  This unassailable fact causes great angst for our leaders and media who wish massacres were 'only' work-place violence.

What a few network anchor people need is a field trip to Saudia Arabia, Tehran, Yemen or Somalia.  The females would be especially impressed by progressive Islam when they tried to rent a car at the Riyadh Hertz counter. 

Of course mainstream Muslims are not blowing themselves and others up. So? Let's do some new math. 1.6 billion Muslims, 'only' five to ten percent are radical, while maybe another thirty percent are 'fundamental,'  read that: sympathetic with Sharia law and not too upset by what it will mean to us all. 

Do we really need to be reminded that of the 35 million Germans in 1935, most were 'moderate?'
As were most Chinese in Mao's day, Stalin's Soviets or North Koreans today for that matter. 
That did not prevent horrors and slaughter that are being previewed now.

Radicals often rule, for better or worse. For example, American revolutionaries were radical in 1776, and that turned out well, not so much in Iran today.

I have been to Turkey, Morocco, Jordan, etc., and most of the folks are bright, modern and moderate.
They are not the issue, they are irrelevant to the discussion because they do not have the will or the means to stand up to ISIS, Hamas, Al-Queada, Boko Haram........

Do not believe for a minute that this is merely a clash of cultures or a disagreement about a religious nuance. This is a war of civilizations that has been simmering and boiling over since well before the days of Thomas Jefferson, who read the Koran to understand his enemy. 

Let us not miss the story of Constantinople, (now Istanbul) it was a  Christian city that was subjected to relentless Islam attack. 
It is now 99 percent Muslim. 

And here is a little gem that reflects the symbolism and strategy we are facing. What was the date that Islamic armies were turned back in Vienna, ending their plans to invade all of Europe?  
September 11, 1683. How is 9/11 for holding a grudge? #itisonagain
Patient and relentless, Islam is invading Europe once again with a much friendlier approach. 

Get a grip on this take from Bridgette Gabriel and tighten your seat belts, Jesus predicted a day when there would be 'distress with perplexity.' Distress is bad enough, perplexity means no human way out.


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