Thursday, June 19, 2014

I Did Not See This Coming

Alivia meets one of her first horse friends in Montana

I can honestly say that until I met our first grandchild, Alivia Sky, eight years ago, I had never given a thought to grandchildren. Maybe it is the branding problem of relating to being a grand parent. I sort of imagined a cross between Grandpappy Amos on the Real McCoys and Marlon Brando stumbling around the garden in Godfather I.  I could not relate.
Actually, I was so consumed raising and surviving the Lusko tribe, this season was never given a glimmer of thought.
Even thirty years of faithful Focus on the Family listening did not prepare me for the obvious when you have a full brood. I do not doubt that the good Dr. Dobson broached the subject, but it just did not penetrate. I am a little thick. No amen needed from you.
Since Alivia made her appearance in So Cal, ten more grandchildren have mysteriously shown up.

Even I get the message, this is a fantastic time to enjoy and invest.  I suppose these kids are like different notes of fine wines, each unique and exquisite.  Amazing really.

All the cliche's about having grandchildren first are understandable, the pressure of parenting is pretty much off, and  unlike your children, you can return them at the end of the day. But that misses the point: Grandchildren are a reward.  A wild blessing and a tremendous opportunity.
Not so much to correct mistakes made on the earlier generation, but to intentionally impact the future.
They will touch tomorrow as grand parents never can.

We are determined to cultivate Jesus as much  as possible in these young vines.
Just the other day, Jaxon asked if he could go forward at the gospel invitation his Uncle Levi was presenting at a church in Denver. Wow. I have frozen that moment, what a joy. And so much more remains.  Eleven grandchildren, so far  that is, Heidi is in the dugout, and a few of the others are still in the game.

Now, this season is not one big My Little Pony or Spiderman party.
Yes, we have pretty much received a double blessing numerically from the first generation, which multiplies the upside. But love is 
always a risk, and so the possible heartbreak is expanded as we so painfully learned when Lenya was called home. 
But we are willing to run those Class IV whitewater rapids.

We are now very conscious of this window of time we preparing for impact.
Not everyone has this particular channel to the future, but remember, so many young children are fatherless. Nationally, forty per cent of children grow up in single parent homes, In some demographics, it is seventy per cent!  This is a fantastic opportunity for individuals and the church to step in and fulfill what James called, pure religion undefiled.

Now that I see this season, I want to enjoy every moment. Since I am not ready for retirement, my grandkids can expect deep sea fishing instead of a quiet day at the pond and Grand Prix go- karts instead of rocking chairs.
As long as my knees hold out, I'll run as far and fast with them as possible.

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