Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy Day! I have a date with Larissa Lusko for New Years Eve.
Seriously, time with her is golden. Looking forward to our own 
Personal Year of Jubilee in 2014! You are a treasure Honey! 

 2013 In the rear view mirror

The year began in the shadow of Lenya's radically unexpected departure to heaven over Christmas last year.  2013 has been a year of processing and progressing.  Watching Levi, Jennie and the girls work through their grief has aged me.  Thirty years of pastoring and I am still speechless at times in dealing with such loss. A stiff and sobering reminder that I don't have all the answers, but thank God we have the  firm consolation of the gospel.
It has been amazing to watch God use Lenya's death to touch so many and bring fresh life.
I have don't know how someone outside of the faith could cope with an event like this. 


New born Lusko children in 2013:

 Lyon Levi-  born to Jesse and  Bekah

 & Noah  born to Daniel and Leanne

The Calvary Chapel Central America Conference in Antigua, Guatemala  was  a pleasant surprise. I was ready for a mission trip experience. No problem with that, but Antigua turned out to be a sweet spot. A Spanish village surrounded by active and dormant volcanoes and verdant coffee plantations. 
Add to that the new Potters Field Conference Center, great friends sharing fantastic coffee and the trip was excellent. Included a day of wild deep sea fishing.

Pastor Chuck Smith, moves to Heaven. 
Since 1977, Pastor Chuck has been a constant  in my life. His death  in 2013 was not unexpected but it was a shock the first time I heard his radio program introduce,'The late Pastor Chuck.'   His life defined what a 'pastor's heart' is all about.  No doubt, he impacted and influenced me more than anyone. Pastor Chuck shaped my philosophy of ministry. Everyone has a voice in their head and heart at crunch time. When it comes to ministry decisions, I often hear  the deep baritone of Pastor Chuck.

In 2010, Skip and I produced a full length documentary about Pastor Chuck and the impact of the Jesus Movement. Here is the video super  trailer:

Fresh Manna:  I had a good number of opportunities to guest speak in 2013 in Miami, Montana and New Mexico. That is always an honor.
Here's a sample from Florida:

Honorable Mentions:

Hillsong Conference at Radio City Music Hall
Watching the Work blossom in Miami 
Fresh Life in Montana
Heidi Graduates from Calvary Chapel Bible College
Learning to fly fish in Montana. A river does run through it 
Working with Troy Carl and  the fine folks at Faith Comes By Hearing
More excellent events with and from a fruitful family than I can cite
Thank you Lord!

2014, and now His coming is sooner than when we first believed. 

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