Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's The Economy, Really?

Is the economy the only issue anyone cares about in this election?

Why are crucial social issues such as abortion, gay marriage and single parent homes such non-starters they are  non-mentioned? 

I understand that the American economy is stagnant and stale as we thunder towards a debt crisis cliff like so many crazed lemmings. Borrowing massive money from China will haunt us sooner than later. 

Of course it would be nice to avoid financial calamity, but can we just have a reality check here? 
Poverty level  in America is still above the standard of living in fully eighty-five per cent of the rest of the world.  America is money mad, pure and simple. 

The church can be just as guilty of material madness that causes social myopia. The golden calf has grown up, and too many Christians are dancing around that golden cow.

These thoughts are not rooted in American guilt or intended to downplay the significance of the crisis we face.  But if the economy was at least decent, President Obama would be sailing to certain re-election despite the fact he is the most pro-abortion President ever, he is the first to endorse gay marriage and his treatment of Israel is abysmal. 

These are the true issues that disqualify this man from leadership.
But it is only his controversial treatment of the golden cow that may yet bring moving vans to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. come January. 

I have stood in the slums of Manilla and Juarez and that helps me realize we desperately need some perspective in the U.S.

I think the Lord is much more concerned with the children we are killing, the poor we are ignoring and our perversion of families, rather than endless discussion of  the tax rate for millionaires.  He is the God of the 100 per cent, the six billion plus people on the planet.

The election obsession with 'the economy' is a reflection of our flabby narcissism that will never be satisfied.  Let me invite you to take a few minutes and watch the remarkable presentation on this link from Scott Harrison of Charity Water. 
It is amazing, convicting and challenging. 

So much to do, so easy to get distracted by the seductive mooing of that cow. Watch this:

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