Friday, June 8, 2012

June 6:  D-Day for me.

A year ago on this day my world was rocked.  Thankful to survive and thrive.
I have had an amazing year, once I got out of Cardiac Critical Care that is. Open heart surgery was a rude reminder of my mortality and I got the message. Remarkably, I am one of four staff members from Calvary of Albuquerque to have a serious cardiac event in the past year. Three open heart surgeries, one stent. One pastor did not survive surgery.  Sobering.
When I went down in Miami, I was suddenly surrounded by my wife, all five children and good friends.
Last weekend in Colorado, we enjoyed a family reunion around an outreach with Levi that brought amazing fruit. Being with all the family was fantastic.
In the past year I was able to watch Larissa create a new ministry,  see a new grandson born, take Heidi to Bible College in England, work on major projects with Levi & Daniel  and so much more.
I've been able to see Jesse grow as a staff pastor and Becca promoted in her career in Denver.
I could have missed all that.
I have also developed a teaching about Open Heart Surgery that has been therapeutic for me.
It has been evolving since I first gave it in Hastings, England. Here is the most recent version  delivered in Miami:

Guest Speaker: Chip Lusko from Calvary Chapel Kendall on Vimeo.

Mile High Meeting of the Tribe:
An embarrassment of family wealth. 
Blessed indeed.

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