Sunday, September 4, 2011

Getting on God's Wheel

It has been a decent summer, except for the part where I almost died in Miami..... then was sliced open like a yellow fin tuna. That was a speed bump that rocked me like nothing else, ever. Summer 2011 is almost in my rear view mirror, so a few glances backwards.

Here are a few highlights:

Wrapping up the 'Never Surrender' documentary with Daniel, the video biography of General Jerry Boykin. The content for this project includes Dr. James Dobson, Oliver North and Franklin Graham. It was an honor to conduct a three hour interview with General Boykin.
Daniel and I also had an excellent trip to New York City with our wives to interview Governor Mike Huckabee.

NYC interview with Governor Mike Huckabee

One of the best… so far. Governor Huckabee is super articulate and has a great grasp on an intelligent approach to the lethal issues that are strangling our nation. He is just the sort of leader we need, but is probably too sensible and kind to become president.
We are releasing this documentary on 9/11 with a worldwide TV interview with General Boykin from California.

Larissa is extending her teaching and doing a wonderful job. She was invited to speak in Denver and Miami and blew things up with her message. She is compact but powerful!

Tropical Storm Larissa bringing it in Miami.

Meanwhile, Heidi has turned 18, and is off to Bible College in York, England. 
She has been a joy to raise. Genuinely spiritual, beautiful inside and out. A Hope High School Homecoming Princess, State Track Champion, National Honor Society Student and leader in her church youth group, a real gem.

Here are a few snapshots of the last Lusko to leave the nest.

Heidi and our friend Flipper

Heidi during her brief Unabomber phase With Jesse & Bekah
Actually- 5:30 AM at ABQ Airport, on the way to Belize. That almost explains it. 

Favorite line on her first drive: 'The brake is the big pedal, right?" Dear Lord.....

Looking up to her big sister Rebecca

Gee, what great daughters!

I went from biking fifty miles a day to being unable to walk fifty feet. Stunning. Thankfully, I am in full recovery and am on the road back to my previous endurance levels. Thirty-five miles yesterday. Whew. Nonetheless, all the lessons about mortality, counting my days and making a mark for Jesus have been underscored and highlighted for me in neon.
Larissa and I took a business trip to Colorado and combined it with an excursion to Breckenridge to see the USA Pro Cycling Race- with Tour de France winner Cadel Evans, Andy Schleck etc.

Andy Schleck, sprinting in Breckenridge. Second, three times in the Tour de France!

Meanwhile in Montana, Levi and I started a new annual race, The Huckleberry 100. I had organized Chase the Balloons for the past 8 years in ABQ at Fiesta time, but I have moved on. It was a huge setback not to be able to ride in the inaugural Montana race…. but next year I'll be ready for it.

Levi still smiling after his first century

All in all, I have turned a corner, I am turning 60 (the new 40!) and I have my ear to the ground to see what adventure the Lord has ahead. I do know this, I want to use the cycling principle of drafting behind Jesus- getting on God's wheel!
Here's a teaching by Levi Lusko that lays out this point, Slipstream for your soul:


Levi Lusko said...

honored to be your son and I believe with all my heart that your most powerful days in His Kingdom are still to come.


Andrea is... said...

Nice! And I can't believe Heidi is in college...what a great crew time has turned out with that Lusko family! BTW, We have a Heidi in our church here who, it finally dawned on me, is exactly the same age as your Heidi... Blessed to hear how you guys are...and glad you're back up and riding!

Captain Landry said...

wow, what a sweet bike, pedal on!