Saturday, February 5, 2011

Freaks, Geeks & Unique's

I 've made some spiritual diet changes in the past few months and it's kicking in. For literally decades, every morning, and I mean every morning, I rolled through studies by Jon Courson, Pastor Chuck, John MacArthur and Greg Laurie on KNKT and before that on stations in Colorado and California. Don't get me wrong, I still love hearing Dr. John, Greg and all, and listen to them. And of course I go to Calvary ABQ, so I get a consistent solid dose of Skip's smooth teachings.
But, late in the fall when I left The Connection, I decided to change my menu of daily teachers, nothing permanent.
I really got the idea from my weight room work out. I realized I have the same gym routine I had in college football in 1973!
Read an article about surprising your muscles with a fresh workout, so I thought the same principle would apply to my spirit man, (so to speak).
I consciously changed to a different daily line up, not better just different: Louie Giglio, Steven Furtick and James MacDonald. Different day, different voices, and they are speaking into my life.
Furtick and Giglio are on it in a big way. Love the passion, focus and challenge. Also need to mention the Miami hurricane, Pedro Garcia- watch this one.
Oh yeah, there is another guy, Levi in Montana who is rocking the Word.


Greg said...

That kind of hurts.
Greg Laurie

Dawn said...

I listen to Pedro Garcia every day on KNKT and agree with your opinion that he is one to watch. Very dynamic and great humor. And I always like Greg's raspy style too.