Monday, December 27, 2010

When Dreams Die

These are the notes from my granddaughter Alivia in Montana, she took them from watching me teach in ABQ. That is amazing.
Along with dedicating Bridget at the service, this is really a gift from the Lord I could never have anticipated. The '600' in her notes comes from a section where I talked about there being 600 churches in America for each unreached people group in the world. She gets it. Truly, exceeding and abundantly beyond all I could ask or think.

In addition to teaching the services at Calvary this weekend, I had the bonus of dedicating my grand-daughter Bridget. What a treat. Of course Jaxon had to 'share' the spotlight.
Preparing for a message to teach is an interesting process.
First you have to personally receive the instruction from the passage before you can teach it to anyone. It can be very dangerous to insulate yourself from the Word you study. You must be willing to apply to your own life the truths you uncover.
When Dreams Die is the title of the teaching I gave this Sunday at 3 morning services. It is always an honor to step into the pulpit and I take it seriously. I am still processing the impact of what I learned from Hebrews 11:24-29. But I do know this, we all tend to underestimate God. In 2011, I want to expand my vision, pray big, go deep and push the borders. I am renewed, refreshed and ready to go strong. Take a look, just paste this link in:

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