Friday, September 24, 2010

North to Montana

Skull Church! Finally- able to see my first Skull Church in person in Montana. This is one of the reasons I am now known as 'Levi Lusko's Dad,' though I used to be someone (not really!).
Skull Church is the real deal: smooth, powerful and gritty at the same time. Not for the faint of heart, Skull Church roars into action every Wednesday at 7, ( from the Strand Theater in Kalispell, Montana, but I am thinking that very soon, the Strand will not be able to hold it, and it will bust loose to parts unknown.Homage to the Original Mermaid: Home of the first Starbucks - in Seattle
Second Childhood? On my way to Montana I had a meeting and significant layover in Seattle. That is a good thing, great city. There wasn't time to go to the San Juan Islands, and check out the Orca whales, so I did the obvious, headed for Pike Place to watch fish get tossed, have some salmon and reverently drink coffee at the Original Starbucks.
Also found time for some bike shopping. Interesting, when I was 12, I did not care about cars, all I wanted was a Schwinn. Now, I have a convertible Mustang, and could not care less, all I want is a newer bike. Granted, the Litespeed above goes for double what my first new car ('73 Ford Maverick) cost!

Pike Place: Home of Flying Fish 

Meeting Daisy Grace for the first time,
Queen Alivia and her court
What a sweetheart- Daisy locks eyes and just laughs

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