Saturday, May 29, 2010

Calvary Celebration Afterglow

Pastor Chuck Smith prepares to go onstage at the Calvary Celebration at the Anaheim Convention Center.
Jon Courson and his wife, now this is celebrating.
Sunday night in Anaheim we put together a Calvary Celebration to recognize what the Lord has done through Calvary Chapel and Chuck Smith. Epic venue, great crowd and lots of good friends.
Also ran a preview of Riptide. ( see the trailer at
Familiar face and that friendly voice. I've been listening to Pastor Chuck since 1977 when I picked up my first blue and white Word for Today tape at a Shiloh House in Honolulu.
'Oh let the Son of God enfold you....'
Nice crowd.
Raul Ries and Mike MacIntosh.
Phil Wickham and band. That's the way to open & close the night.
Richie Furay, from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and a Calvary Pastor in Colorado.
Also one of THE nicest guys you will ever meet.

K.P. Yohannan flew in from India for this. He has helped start 7500 churches and broadcasts in over 100 languages. He credits Chuck for his philosophy of ministry. Now that is fruit. Dude.
Some of the fella's. Senior CC Pastors on hand Sunday night.

Levi and Phil Wickham amused as they communicate by texting each other.
Pancho Juarez and Jon Courson
Pastor Chuck and Kay Smith. This is why we did this.

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Becca Clay said...

So cool to see what God has done through one man who obeyed his calling.
On another note, there are an awful lot of tan men in those pictures. Strangely enough, Chuck isn't that tan.