Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lost Vegas

What would some entertainers do without Vegas and the Native American Casino's to prolong their careers?

What would Caesar think? Simple, he would want his cut.

I know Las Vegas takes a lot of heat as 'Sin City,' but there are actually some things I appreciate about this place. It is a city that is not lukewarm about its passions. Las Vegas is both extravagant and excellent in how it expresses itself. Granted, the message is often depraved and the toll in human lives is beyond comprehension. What Las Vegas does say to me is, 'look what man is capable of when he fully gives himself over to his pursuits!' In this case, avarice, carnality and sex.
I'm thinking this is pretty much what Babylon, Rome and Egypt were like, without neon and the Hoover Dam.
The excess and success of Las Vegas would make Bugsy Siegel smirk, (I would say, rest his soul, but....). Christians should be determined to make the Lord smile, not by building exorbitant ego trips or palaces of worship, but by exercising extreme faith and determination to light up the world for Jesus. We should work to see that 'what happens in the church, does not stay in the church.'

Click this to see a nice (ab)normal stroll in a Vegas mall.

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Shawn said...

Chip, I had a business meeting in Vegas earlier this month, so I took Lisa my wife with me and we had a couple of days to check the place out. Having only been to Vegas 2 other times for only long enough to sleep, this was our first opportunity to check the place out. We had 4 amazing dinners at some fabulous restuarants. What man has built there is spectacular, according to mans definition.

To see the people there all wound up for what the place offered saddened us, for this is only what man built. But what really saddened us was the parents who brought their children with them and submitted them seeing the smut that was prevelant everywhere, especially walking the strip.

If there ever was a place for the fallen world to demonstrate the depths of it's depravity, this place is it.