Sunday, February 21, 2010


In 1945, the US Government needed a place to test the first atomic bomb. They looked for a location where the explosion of a nuclear device would neither be noticed, nor do much damage to the topography. They chose New Mexico. Which speaks volumes. The first A-Bomb went off on July 16, 1945 near White Sands. The test must have been successful because seventeen days later: Hiroshima.

Before this weekend I had never been to the Cloudcroft area of New Mexico. All that changed when I was invited to speak at a retreat at Aspendale. Who knew this is a pistachio capitol. This is the largest pistachio in the world. Nice.
Nice cabin we were given in to stay at. Snow over my Sorrel's and a roaring fire. No complaints, but didn't see any elk either.
If I were a carnivore, I would have stopped here. But no.

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