Friday, June 26, 2009

Keeping Track in Luskoland

The Lusko Tribe: Levi, Daniel, Heidi, Becca & Jesse

Periodically, for my sake and for those new to this blog, I rundown the geographic locations of the Lusko children:
l-r: Levi- married in Montana with two terrifc granddaughters. Pastor of Fresh Life church
Daniel- film director in New Mexico
Married year this year to Leanne
Heidi- 15- in the Carolina's now, off to Belize mission in July
runs track at Hope Christian
Becca- manages a Mac make-up store married, Jaxon, & one on the way
Jesse- in So cal leading a surf camp trip, on staff as asst youth pastor at chuch where I have worked for 18 years
not pictured: Josh-because he is engaged and we haven't seen him since. Going back to Bible college in So Cal with Bride in August! Working this summer at our church skate park and radio stations.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nike Theology

James would have loved the Nike branding, Just Do It!
Check it out:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Reloading in LuskoLand

Jesse Lusko & Nate Heitzig toasting in Solomon's Porch and plotting adventures as they lead Vertical Student Ministry at CCABQ (nice shirt nate)
I've been parenting for a very long time. Love it. Amazingly, we often have more kids at home now than ever. With Jesse & Josh engaged we are expanding exponentially. With all the boys home from Bible College for the summer, we often have multiple sleep overs. Especially on Saturday mornings, we frequently have numerous lumps laying around the house. I do sweep through the house, conduct a body count, then make some breakfast and go for a bike ride. No complaints, these kids, without exception are walking with the Lord. Jesse and Heidi are prepping for a trip to Belize. Josh works at the Skate Park and is leading studies in Skate Church and all their friends are wrapped up in church events.
Yes, we have had some defections to Montana and elsewhere, but in LuskoLand, we don't rebuild, we just reload.

Monday, June 8, 2009

What A Week in Review

Lights action & Greg Laurie
Raul Ries: Ready for his close-up

Skip and Tanner on set at Mission San Juan Capistrano. Interesting history. Cool story about the swallows.
Calvary Bible Campus in Murrieta

Josh preaching it up

Becca makes the announcement!

I'm only a week older, but the first week of June was really something!
Becca announced she is pregnant with grandchild #4- she surprised us with the
announcement and I happened to be snapping an Iphone pic of her at the moment
because I had given her an oversize CC sweatshirt to wear and she is such a fashion freak
I thought it would be humorous- but I captured the moment.

The week in So Cal was full of friends and video shoots. We did a lot for the the Bible @ 30 K with Skip, and interviewed Raul Ries, Greg Laurie & others. Plus, excellent hang out time with my son Levi. We were comped a couple nights at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport. Sweet.

Then is it was home to ABQ, Josh McDowell, Jars of Clay and about 7,000 people at Balloon Fiesta Park, the event rocked,
the gospel was preached and our kick-off to Bible literacy was front page news. The devious plan was executed to perfection!

Finally, a celebration bike ride, because Jamba Juice is coming to ABQ, wore my Jamba Jersey of course.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Two reasons....

...of many, to head for Montana. Alivia and Lenya Lusko!