Sunday, June 14, 2009

Reloading in LuskoLand

Jesse Lusko & Nate Heitzig toasting in Solomon's Porch and plotting adventures as they lead Vertical Student Ministry at CCABQ (nice shirt nate)
I've been parenting for a very long time. Love it. Amazingly, we often have more kids at home now than ever. With Jesse & Josh engaged we are expanding exponentially. With all the boys home from Bible College for the summer, we often have multiple sleep overs. Especially on Saturday mornings, we frequently have numerous lumps laying around the house. I do sweep through the house, conduct a body count, then make some breakfast and go for a bike ride. No complaints, these kids, without exception are walking with the Lord. Jesse and Heidi are prepping for a trip to Belize. Josh works at the Skate Park and is leading studies in Skate Church and all their friends are wrapped up in church events.
Yes, we have had some defections to Montana and elsewhere, but in LuskoLand, we don't rebuild, we just reload.

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jennie said...

that is so awesome! although we love it here, we're frequently bummed that we're missing out on so much of all of your lives...miss you all and love you all in luskoland :)