Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Holy Days

Meanwhile in Montana, Alivia and Lenya are out of control. Can't wait to see them on New Year's Eve for Jesse's wedding. Future cheerleaders, just like their mom, Jennie.
Our own little 'Christmas Story!' Jaxon impersonates the annoying kid from that movie.
Desperate for a lemon to put on our snow crab on Christmas Day, we found a Chinese restaurant to sell us one for a dollar. Nice.

It won't be long yet, the southern Lusko tribe gets a girl! Any day.
Christmas Eve at CCABQ, the choir rocked.
Obvious gift for the Jaxon child, he'll be drafting behind me soon.
Annual daddy-daughter shopping day with Heidi on Christmas Eve. Great Harvest Bread!
A rare Christmas week snow storm in New Mexico!
We found some snow near the plaza in Santa Fe.
Every knee shall bow, even you Santa.

Oh Happy Day- the choir on Christmas Eve at Calvary

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