Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sweet Trip Highlights: ABQ to Montana

Back side of the front range:  We took the western route and flashed up through the Vail Valley. As the old school TV spot said, Vail Valley is yummy. 
A night in Rock Springs, Wyoming left us on the door step of the gorgeous Tetons and a slide through Yellowstone on July 4th.
Always wanted to see Jackson Hole, now I want to go back and hit the amazing bike trail I scoped out. Then, off to Yellowstone.
No fireworks, but Old Faithful was a more than adequate substitute.
Elk, antelope and lots of deer of course. We hit the 'Grand Canyon of Yellowstone' right at sunset. Spectacular.
Another road trip highlight was the Battlefield of Little Bighorn, location of Custer's Last Stand.  Sobering,  I've studied this history many times, it was powerful to stand where Custer fell. Pride did come before his fall. 

Skull Church! 

This road trip was more than worth it, because it led us to more than fantastic scenery and awesome history, it took us to the Skull Church outreach in Billings.  I have been able to be some support to these events, producing and procuring secular radio for outreach is one of my favorite endeavors. For some reason, most churches and ministries spend the vast  majority of their energy and efforts on Christian media, which is fine, but we also need to fish where the fish are are.

Do I also need to mention that four grand-daughters were in attendance with Levi & Jennie? 
Added bonus: ultra-hours with Heidi & Larissa, then stopping in Denver to see Becca, Jason, Jaxon & Bridget. Excellent family time.  Wealthy man am I. 

It is amazing to see Skull Church and the 'Levi Lusko' brand be used so powerfully. We ain't seen nothing yet.

Well over one hundred young people responded to the gospel invitation, plus our media campaign generated huge impressions for various gospel messages. Love it. Love it. Love it. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2,000 Miles Later...... 

To my pleasant surprise, round trip to Montana has been a breeze. My trepidation was partly because of trauma from our last excursion to the Treasure State.  A few years back on the way home from the Flathead Valley I absentmindedly took a wrong turn heading home.  I managed to drive almost to Spokane instead of heading to New Mexico. When we almost entered Washington, the wrong state, I was plunged into depression, there was no recovery from a six hour detour.  So twelve hours into our trip, we hadn't made it out of Montana yet. Troubling.  Nothing of the kind happened on this road trip.  Great media helped, including John MacArthur & Francis Chan teachings and two audio books, (All Brave Sailors, Killing Lincoln). 


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Road Trip! 

Larissa, Heidi and I are off to the Skull Church outreach in Montana.  16 hours one way. Five more to pass through Jackson Hole in Yellowstone. 
We are downloading our favorite Bible teachers, audio books and movies for the trip. I am also stocking up on copious amounts of caffeine and Melatonin. Whatever it takes. This could easily turn out to be a righteous version of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I will be a holy Hunter S. Thompson.  Happily, Heidi has mad twitter skills, so she can document the road madness. It might not be pretty. I lose focus easily and could threaten to burn the rental car and fly home. We shall see.  Stay tuned.