Friday, November 28, 2008

Truly a T Day in LuskoLand

I've decided it's impossible not to join The Schmaltz Family when it's Thanksgiving time. Truly, I've had more Grace than any
many I know. I could bail out to heaven now and be satisfied that I've seen God work exceedingly and abundantly beyond I could ask or imagine. Hopefully, I have a few more decades to go, but at this point I am deeply, truly thankful for so much.
Salvation- this is where it all begins- with this foundation- the worst that can happen is heaven!
Family- Wow- this is over the top - I have a wife who seeks the Lord as part of her DNA. She is beautiful inside and out, And as is obvious to all. I don't deserve her.
Then, all the children have turned out to be genuine men and women of the Lord. Frankly, I am not sure how I would deal if this weren't the case. But each of them are walking with God. I am so glad to be part of their lives in a real way. And then:
Seriously, it NEVER crossed my mind that grandchildren might appear (Duh) But they did, and it is excellent.
Alivia, Lenya, Jaxon- what a crew.

Thank you Jesus for all the above, below and so much more:
The Bible , Calvary of ABQ, road biking,Pastor Chuck, Belize, Mork and Mindy, trips to Israel,soynog, the Bronco's, Whole Foods, Dr. J.............

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Grand Bazaar

Great deals on leather. One stop shopping in Istanbul

Blue Mosque at Night

View from our hotel in Istanbul- this Mosque has some major history

Back From Turkey in time for Turkey

Iran Air - uh.. no thanks

Sunday, November 23, 2008

6 Airports, 3 Continents,Lost Luggage.. All Worth it

Travelling with Daniel ( to Istanbul for a video shoot he was directing was exhausting and exhillarating.
Daniel is developing into a first rate film maker. In fact, he is way beyond his years in vision, precision and 
editing execution.  In the past we've travelled together on shoots to Israel several times, to Morocco, Greece,Turkey & Italy.
This trip to was a quick one to Istanbul for a 3 hour 'money shot'  with the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia in the background. 
The Hagia is one of the 8 wonders of the world, and a former church, now a mosque. It is wild going to Turkey and realizing that this 
was the cradle of Christianity, now thoroughly Muslim.  With Epicenter and other projects (  we are doing 
our best to illuminate this issue. 
Happily, there was a Starbucks in the shadow of the Blue Mosque. 

Chip Lusko
Connection Communications


Friday, November 21, 2008

Daniel on the job in Istanbul

Behind Daniel is the massive Blue Mosque. These guys were not afraid to build stuff. Istanbul was 
the co-capitol of the world with Rome at one time. Named constantinople ,  in the country of Turkey, which was 
once home to all seven churches in Revelation. No more, now 99% Muslim- it should be a lesson. Daniel was there 
using the mosque for a backdrop on a video shoot and it looked terrific.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Study Buddy

Back in the Colorado days, before Logos software, I would enlist Levi, Daniel & Becca to help me go through the grunt work of cross-referencing through Strong's Concordance
and The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. I'd call out a chapter and verse and they would give me balancing scriptures. Old School. Loved it. 
PC Study Bible changed that, plus they wanted to start charging me for their time. 
So this week,preparing for Wednesday at CCABQ,  while he is still young and naive, (& free)  I enlisted another in the Lusko line, Jaxon Clay- to assist me.
Jaxon did point out that while Dr. John is an excellent expositor, we have to watch his Calvinist leanings. Nice work Jaxon. 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Girl's Dream Come True

You  can see the amazement in Alivia's eyes at meeting a live Barbie (Aunt Becca). What you can't see is the 
cool Barbie doll set that Liv just received! She was a very happy little girl. Go Barbie, Go Barbie.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Woof. What a Week!

Wow. Last week was one long high-light reel. I don't have the blogging discipline yet like my children 
'blog as I go.'  So I'll send up some pics later, but in the past week, we had Fall Festival, with Jesse and 
The Levi Fam in town,  Greg Laurie and 450 people coming forward at church  &  Nate Heitzig's wedding. 
Plus the house was just crawling (literally) with Lusko's! Excellent. Photo's  to follow.